Saturday, October 07, 2006

What Do You Get when you put Spike Jonze + Moby + New York + Dancing

Oh yes, Improv Dancers. Spike Jonze, if you are listening, I think I like this. Oh Yeah, by the way, that's Debbie Harry singing.

Start Spreading the News....

"If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere"...
Alright, NY Part 2 begins.... NOW!

(One Month.....A handful of interviews....Over 40 copies of portfolio books.....One Art Director)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I can read!

I think one of the best rewards about being done with school is the amount of free time I have been having. Granted, yes, I am UNEMPLOYED as of now, BUT it really makes a big difference not having to feel guilty about  reading an engaging book, that in school circumstances, meant I would be cutting away from time of my Scandinavian Media class, or some other class material critical to my carreer. I have been slowly been indulging myself in some leisure reading.

So far The Great Gatsby,

Calvin and Hobbes 10th anniversary book (yes, it's a little on the light reading side, but I would recommend it to anyone),

and now I am reading H.G. Wells's The Invisible Man.

I have also, proud to say, started doodling more than I used to in school, and hopefully I am gonna be warming up soon to start drawing seriously again. Updates will follow....

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Travellin' Song

Yes, that is Kung Fu.

To confirm my renewed dedication to my blog, I am planning to include every event that has happened the first half of this year till now. That includes anything important, interesting, or that comes to my head in 2 seconds. Here it goes:

Capstone Madness - includes doing a whole lot of creative for my advertising group, staying awake for days, feeling nauseated as complex multimedia presentation wasn't ready until 10 minutes prior to presentation to executives from Ford and advertising agencies.

Pre-NYC Portfolio-building Madness - Trying to get a decent portfolio, so me and Seth get picked to go to Ogilvy.

NYC Spring and Summer Internship - Good time exploring the city. Highlights: Almost getting arrested by police, Ferry Rides, soccer at Central Park and Union Square, Fashion Show in DUMBO, talking to David Letterman, going to film VIP parties, hating the IHouse, getting locked out of my room for 3 days in a row, Shakespeare at the Park, dancing at The Quo, dancing at Crime Scene, CBGB, almost jumping in the Hudson, Coney Island, Keane, Scissor Sisters, Mates of State, Smoosh, Eels, Super Furry Animals, making fun of She Wants Revenge, blah , blah, blah.

Ogilvy Internship Extension - Going to LA on business for a week, getting my hopes up for a job at Ogilvy, getting my hopes down when other creatives got laid off, meeting Steve (1984) Hayden, free breakfast and lunch every wednesday, producing first national ads, meeting some dang cool people.

Graduation - Back in Utah, relaxing, pool everyday, Glade and the Formats, Glade and crappy punk bands; Yancy, Adrienne, Dallas, Glade, Seth and Co.

Los Angeles - Eating home-made cooking, producing MTV show, acting in USC student film, realizing how LA sucks without your own car, pool, beach, going to Chiat, Kung Fu classes.

I've Become a Believer

Hi, my  name is Chateaubriand, but you can call me Chateau (or Briand).  Ok, seriously, I  apologize  for all that have put that trust on me and have placed a link to my blog on their sidebar.  It's been 9 months since I left my blog collecting dust. But I am gonna give it a another try. So bear with me (if you care).

Friday, December 30, 2005


I have just watched the movie "Ghandi" for the first time. Although I have always known about Ghandi's life and achievement, I have never seen it this personal. There is something absolutely fascinating about those that sacrifice so much for something greater. I have recently thought much about this. What difference can one make if he or she is willing to sacrifice? To stand up for something. You would be marvelous to think of the meeting between Gordon B. Hinckley and Mahatma Ghandi. How about myself? Ghandi could have stayed in London, and been a great attorney, probably helping out a lot of people. But he decided to just give up everything, and live the humble life that mattered so much to so many. Would I have a greater impact being a succesful ad executive in New York, or a teacher in the inner city in Brazil?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

This ain't No Country Club Either

Here in La for now. I have to use my sister's computer to blog. My beautiful G5 is hidden somewhere in my room in Provo, so that it will not be stolen... MUST NOT PUBLISH WHERE.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Elevation!!!! Salt Lake City, Utah

After an 8 year-wait, I have finally been to a U2 concert! Life is almost complete (except for the whole finding my ultimate meaning of life and fulfilling it). Here is the set list:

City of Blinding Lights
I Will Follow
Still Haven’t Found
Beautiful Day
Original of the Species
Sometimes you Can’t Make it On Your Own
Love and Peace or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Pride in the Name of Love
Where the Streets have No Name

Until the End of the World
Mysterious Ways
With or Without You

Stuck in a Moment
All Because of You

Special highlights to:

City of Blinding Lights (yes, it is real. I have made it.)
I Will Follow (just like they sounded 25 years ago)
Still Haven't Found (Somehow it sounded so good)
Somehow You Can't Make It On Your Own (Eye contact with Bono - I am pretty sure)
Miss Sarajevo (Powerful Opera)
Where the Streets Have No Name (The song that made me want to be a musician when I was 16)
Until the End Of the World (The Edge literally sprinting along the catwalk while soloing on the guitar, I have never seen anything like it)

And Of course the Thousands of people with their cellphones out.

In short all I have hoped for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Park City!!!

I have never been to Park City before, but this Thanksgiving I will be spending sometime there with Renata and Coralee. Park City is practically the last frontier as far as Utah goes, since I have been practically everywhere else (that matters). Hope it's like the Alps.

Another X-Box commercial.

Where Fanta Comes From...

Sorry about the laugh track.

Uno, Dos, Tres, vinte e quatro... 24 days.

Great Guerrilla Advertising

This one from Spain. Brilliant.

Stop the drunks in Europe!

Great approach to the alcoholic problem in Europe. A fine line between dead-serious logic, and tongue-in-cheek humour.

Another European ad.

It involves tall people and blood. Not graphical, but... Not happy.