Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Travellin' Song

Yes, that is Kung Fu.

To confirm my renewed dedication to my blog, I am planning to include every event that has happened the first half of this year till now. That includes anything important, interesting, or that comes to my head in 2 seconds. Here it goes:

Capstone Madness - includes doing a whole lot of creative for my advertising group, staying awake for days, feeling nauseated as complex multimedia presentation wasn't ready until 10 minutes prior to presentation to executives from Ford and advertising agencies.

Pre-NYC Portfolio-building Madness - Trying to get a decent portfolio, so me and Seth get picked to go to Ogilvy.

NYC Spring and Summer Internship - Good time exploring the city. Highlights: Almost getting arrested by police, Ferry Rides, soccer at Central Park and Union Square, Fashion Show in DUMBO, talking to David Letterman, going to film VIP parties, hating the IHouse, getting locked out of my room for 3 days in a row, Shakespeare at the Park, dancing at The Quo, dancing at Crime Scene, CBGB, almost jumping in the Hudson, Coney Island, Keane, Scissor Sisters, Mates of State, Smoosh, Eels, Super Furry Animals, making fun of She Wants Revenge, blah , blah, blah.

Ogilvy Internship Extension - Going to LA on business for a week, getting my hopes up for a job at Ogilvy, getting my hopes down when other creatives got laid off, meeting Steve (1984) Hayden, free breakfast and lunch every wednesday, producing first national ads, meeting some dang cool people.

Graduation - Back in Utah, relaxing, pool everyday, Glade and the Formats, Glade and crappy punk bands; Yancy, Adrienne, Dallas, Glade, Seth and Co.

Los Angeles - Eating home-made cooking, producing MTV show, acting in USC student film, realizing how LA sucks without your own car, pool, beach, going to Chiat, Kung Fu classes.


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