Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I can read!

I think one of the best rewards about being done with school is the amount of free time I have been having. Granted, yes, I am UNEMPLOYED as of now, BUT it really makes a big difference not having to feel guilty about  reading an engaging book, that in school circumstances, meant I would be cutting away from time of my Scandinavian Media class, or some other class material critical to my carreer. I have been slowly been indulging myself in some leisure reading.

So far The Great Gatsby,

Calvin and Hobbes 10th anniversary book (yes, it's a little on the light reading side, but I would recommend it to anyone),

and now I am reading H.G. Wells's The Invisible Man.

I have also, proud to say, started doodling more than I used to in school, and hopefully I am gonna be warming up soon to start drawing seriously again. Updates will follow....


Blogger Uptown Girl said...

Wow, Chateau! Doodling outside of class? That's impressive. I've found that the spiral notebooks of my school days were easily one of the favorite and most decorated venues for my doodles. And it doesn't go over so well in meetings when I start to doodle in meetings...

8:38 AM  

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